19/20: Coco and the Director

Ghazale Johnston
May 28, 2018 · 3 min read

A signature characteristic of an extrovert is to get energy from being around other people. Positive relationships with other humans tend to lift extroverts up and create feelings of peace, love and contentment. For as long as I can remember, I have loved being social . I like to think that friends are a little like the food on cruise ship- you can always find room for more. I am immensely grateful for the friends I have made at every stage of my life and I truly believe each person who enters my life is a gift. Yes, over the years I have wished for a rebate here and there but by and large I have hit the friend jackpot at every stage of my life. However, there was a beautiful relationship (well, three to be accurate) that I never really expected would have such an impact on my life. The “nanny relationship”. Over the course of 10 years, there were three amazing women who entered our home and took extraordinary care of our family. At different times, I watched each one of these women hug my children, cry for my children, teach my children and defend my children as if it was the most natural reaction they could have in that situation. When my “working mom” guilt was in high-gear and I would overcompensate by signing up for way too many things at the kids’ school, my nannies were the first to assure me I was a good mom and the first to take control of whatever random signupgenius I got myself on. When I would have “crazy mom” moments and worry about something irrational, it was my beloved nanny who would give out a judge-free smile and remind me to trust all is well. And, when my dad was sick, our nanny, Holland, graciously jumped in to help my parents with the same love and concern that she showed my children. When I say I hit the jackpot, I really did mean it.

There was no way I could finish my 20/20 journey and conclude all my random storytelling without writing about my beautiful friend, Holland. So, when she suggested Millie and I meet her and her adorable baby, Elle, at Coco and the Director, I was thrilled since it had been on my list of uptown places to visit. The location and size of this coffee shop may make you think it’s going to be very corporate and perhaps generic. However, upon walking in, I immediately realized it is definitely not stuffy. While not a ton of retail items, there were a handful of local arts/crafts and goodies being sold that were fun to check out as we figured out our order. I settled on a simple cup of coffee and lived vicariously through some gigantic pastry that Millie picked out. Next, we walked around checking out the space and then found a place to sit down and visit. The venue is actually quite spacious and full of mini living rooms where you can have an intimate chat in a comfortable setting. We grabbed one of these make-shift lounge areas and settled in to catch up on life. I have to say that spending time with Holland reminds me of everything wonderful in this world. In under an hour, we can laugh out loud, cry like babies, attempt to solve macro-economic issues, complement each other’s outfits from head to toe and reassure one another why there is no sense in taking anything in life too seriously. This particular Saturday morning was no different and we were in the perfect venue for our lovely visit. Plus, since Millie and I spent half the time fighting over who gets to hold Elle, the comfortable couches made sure she had a cushion to fall on if we dropped her in the process! Kidding. Kind of. Before we said farewell to each other and the coffee shop, we walked around one last time and I pointed out all the fun places to sit on our next visit- including the huge staircase/bench seating area. Fair to say, Coco and the Director picked up some new fans and Millie and I will be back soon. And hopefully, Holland and Elle will come meet us again!

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