Self care isn’t selfish. Let me repeat that in case you missed it: self care, in no way, shape or form, is selfish. People shouldn’t feel bad about taking some time to take care of themselves; but it’s become a growing epidemic of people apologizing for skipping out on social or work functions because they need time to stay home and unwind.

We have essentially entered into a 24/7 digital existence. We are plugged into our devices from the moment we wake up to the hours we fight for sleep. It is, and this goes without saying, exhausting. And, since we are so plugged in all the time, it has become so easy to double and triple book yourself without even realizing it. We also feel bad if we miss an obligation, which is inevitably going to happen from time to time. So we’re running ouselve thin and the time is going to have to come to where you unplug from life and just breathe.

Self care is unique to each individual. Sometimes it’s a roadtrip alone. Or going on a hike. Or even spending time in bed, curled up with a book. Whatever your need is, take advantage of it. For your mind, body, and soul. People can wait. Work can wait. Parties can wait. Treating your life like you’re an indestructible robot is one of the fastest and most unpleasant ways to the grave.

So, you do you. Whatever that may mean.

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