My experience with the London Real Business Accelerator 8 Week Course !

I had been following Brian Rose off and on for a while now.

I was interested in the stories of Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani’s recounting of her near-death-experience. It was a captivating story and I couldn’t get enough of it.

So a Google search led me to Brian’s interview of Anita Moorjani first on YouTube and then the full interview on London Real.

As I watched it, I thought “He doesn’t really believe her. He is a skeptic.”

As I watched the ENTIRE interview — and for the first time I had to go and login at the London Real website and give them my email to watch it — I came to the conclusion that he did believe her after all, in the end, after she retold her story simply and he gave her the “is she bullshitting?” look.

Then his expression changed and he said he believed her.

And that was when I was impressed with Brian Rose for the very first time.

In the eternal words from the Hamilton Musical — he’s young, scrappy and hungry. And he’s DEFINITELY not throwing away his SHOT!

He has the energy of a freight train with six Diesel engines.

He hollers to be heard… but in his inimitable, fast-paced Brian Rose style!

He’s mastered the art of ‘stream-of-consciousness’ speech delivery, without hesitations, double takes, or mistakes , and with supreme self-confidence that comes from a LOT of practice.

He also has tremendous stamina for speaking — see his 3 hour interview with Roger Brooks. Looks exhausting and yet he fields all the questions with nimbleness and ease, like a marathon runner with a steady pace.

He amazes and astonishes, with every word he drops knowledge. He is a shiny piece of coal becoming a diamond right under our watchful eyes. And we are amazed by his transformation. He has a LOT of brains and MAN!

Does he have polish now! New haircut, business suits and dressy vest. He looks very professional now.

But we are also moved by his sincerity and vulnerability. He takes us, with open arms, on his journey and struggles with him. We are right there feeling what he feels, learning what he learns, going through his milestones right there with him — when he moved out of the original London Real studio/apartment. He shoulders every burden that we shoulder too in life.

I don’t know if he ever walked the streets famished… maybe not for food.

But definitely famished for meaning — wanting to contribute and make a difference in the lives of others.

And NOW , for that, he has my grudging respect.


He ACTUALLY does want to help, does care, does over-deliver on value in his course, and does have a palpable passion for wanting to make a difference.

He is the opposite of a taker now — he’s come a long way from his life in finance “Wall Street Wolf” phase. And that’s why we notice and remember him.

Honesty is such a lonely word.

His unique idea — to help fan the sparks of all his fans and followers into a flame that is fast becoming a worldwide bonfire — applied in his Business Accelerator course and his Speak to Inspire course is the reason I signed up.

And I never sign up for things like this.

I never spend that much on myself.

But there is something in Brian’s sincerity and struggle for meaning — you believe him.

I do.

I am so glad I signed up for his course. It gave me so much purpose and determination.

It was an incredible journey the last 7–8 weeks. I never considered myself a business person … I had NO IDEA how to start a business.

And now I feel I have a SHOT.

I really do see the next year going forward… I see a path that I can take to achieving success on my own terms. I CAN do it and he pointed the way. And he taught us everything he knew, with humility and sincerity. He showed us the steps.

Before starting on this journey, like a lot of people, I felt I was living a life of calm despair. this wasn't the life I wanted and imagined when I was in my twenties. This wasn’t the promise.

Tennyson’ s words from In Memoriam come to my mind… I know these poems by heart.

“And in my heart, if calm at all, If any calm, a calm despair”.

“And if along with these should come, The man I held as half-divine;

Should strike a sudden hand in mine, And ask a thousand things of home;

And I should tell him all my pain, And how my life had droop’d of late,

And he should sorrow o’er my state And marvel what possess’d my brain;”

Well Brian came stepping lightly down the plank. His Business Course beckoned to me.

And I agonized. And I hesitated. And I waited and thought. And I rationalized the expense. And came up with justifications…

And then I took the leap !

I am SO GLAD I did.

I plan on following Brian’s star for a long, long time.

Long life and Peace Brian.

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