The Angel Castle Seen From the Tiber, Rome 2020. All photos © the author

Images of Rome’s secluded Tiber riverbank

Piazza del Popolo, July 2020. All photographs © the author

Impressions of Rome on my first journey after the lockdown

Portraits taken on Holi, the last Indian festival before the coronavirus hit Kolkata and everything changed

Happy Holi, Kolkata 2020. All photographs © the author

A look at Indian youths who like to challenge social norms – until they don’t

Quiet Rebels | Kolkata 2020 . All photographs © the author

Ironman, Kolkata 2019. All photos © the author 2020

Portraits of people working on the streets of…

Portraits from Kolkata’s Rainbow Pride Walk 2019

Pride. Kolkata 2019

“What is the city but the people?”

Getting Ready For Kali. Kolkata 2019

First photographic impressions of the city that will be my home for the next 7 months

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. All photos © the author

Photographs from a city caught between the old and the new

Street Photography From Bologna, Ferrara and Padua

Church on Time (Bologna 2016)

G Dondlinger

I explore cities, I take photos. Of people, mostly, and places, sometimes. Making my home in Berlin. View my website at

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