Chromatic integrates with Embedly and Iframely as an embed provider. That means you can embed Storybook stories in your Medium articles, your Notion pages, and many other platforms that support the oEmbed standard. All you need is a URL for a Storybook published on Chromatic.

Embedding a Storybook

In most cases, embedding a…

Web applications have to deal with a lot of asynchronous operations. Loading and updating data is something you have to do over and over again. There’s two common approaches to this: using a global state manager (e.g. Redux) or using setState locally.

Although I’ve been a fan of Redux in…

On the road to Isomorphism and Adaptive web applications.

The web application landscape has recently seen a big shift in application architecture. Nowadays we build so-called Single Page Applications. These are web applications which render and run in the browser, powered by JavaScript. They are called “Single Page” because in…

Change templates based on device capability

TL;DR: I created a provider to implement adaptive templates in AngularJS. It’s on Github:

I recently attended a JavaScript meetup where I heard a talk on adaptive templates with handlebars and curl.js. The topic was very actual for me, since I had just implemented a very similar thing using…

A collection of ideas for authentication & access control

The Netherlands knows a relatively active AngularJS community, with regular meetups and a helpful Google+ group. Last week I had the opportunity to speak at one of these meetups. Since pretty much all of the applications I build require authentication of some sort, I’ve implemented various forms of authentication in…

Gert Hengeveld

Enabling Component-Driven Development with @ChromaUI and @Storybookjs.

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