The Best Part of My Day

I have to say, the best part of my day is my morning commute. I feel so fortunate to say that, because I know that most people just have the absolute worst experience every morning on their way to work. You see, I don’t have a car. I take the bus every day. I walk to the stop — which is literally 1 minute from my flat — I scope out the people waiting there; sometimes there’s an attractive girl that I never talk to, and then just stand there thinking about how my hair looks until my bus comes. Good ol’ 48 or my buddy, The 26 come down Mare Street; sometimes I can see them at the light a ways down the road which is just a huge tease, and then they pull up and stop for me. I step in, pay with my card, mumble a “thanks” to the driver, and then make my way on up to the penthouse deck. If I’m extremely lucky, one of the two front seats will be empty, and let me tell you, you have not LIVED until you’ve ridden into the City of London in the front seat of a double decker bus! You always know all the other riders are envious of this blessing you’ve received too; poor bastards. But most of the time it’s not, which is fine. The proper etiquette is to find an empty row and sit there, and really I don’t see why you wouldn’t. Sure I like the ride, but it’s all the better if you’ve got some space to stretch out. When I reach the top of the stairs my eyes are scanning for this perfect seat. But even when there is no row, taking a seat next to some indifferent looking person isn’t horrible. They are quite harmless. But NEVER sit next to someone with big Beats looking headphones on. You may not hear it at the front of the bus, but you WILL be irritated by muffled electronic/hiphop sounding music all the way into work. I honestly don’t understand how you can listen to that at 8:45am in the morning? I mean god damn, it’s too early! Anyways, I start to settle into my seat and then unzip my bag. I don’t really have much in it, and I’ve been thinking maybe I should just get a smaller one to carry in each day. I wonder if my current bag makes me look small. I’m not the biggest dude, but you know, it’s a nice backpack. I’ll considerer it more, but for now, it works. In my bag I have one book that I rotate in and out from a collection that I’m reading at the time. I really just make a judgement call when I’m about to head out and shove that one in. Most of the time it’s something science fiction or fantasy that I can just fall into, but every once in a while it will be a professional learning book (like Javascript Design Patterns or Clean Code) but I try to keep my mindpower reserved for when I actually get to work. You see, when you read on a bus, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic, or worry about that dumb thing you said the other day, or feel anxious that the guy next to you had his arm, and even a bit of his leg touching yours. You just read. And in those 30 or so minutes to work, that’s all there is. And you don’t need to even absorb what you’re reading. You just do it. There are words on a page and you scan them with your eyes and make pictures in your head. It’s very peaceful and some may even argue spiritual, but not me. I will be very disappointed when I have to drive myself to work again. It’s just a nice way to start the day.

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