How someone tried to fraud me when looking for an house to rent in Barcelona

When we found this apartment in Barcelona, we were more than happy. It had everything we wanted for our team: 3 bedrooms, a large table to work comfortably in five people, air conditioning, internet wifi… and it only costed 1.150 euros per month! Wow, we immediately fell in love and contacted the owner.

When I founded, my own Web Agency, I was a 23 years old eager boy with no experience on managing a Company. Nevertheless, I started my adventure (and I made a lot of errors, of course!).

Now, after almost 6 years, I want to share what I have learned.

1. Don’t do it alone

Believe me: you won’t go too far alone.

You have amazing skills, no doubts about it, but working with someone else can enhance a lot your work:

  • You can expand your provision of services.
  • You have another point of view: the best hints always come from a discussion.
  • You are…

Daniele Ghidoli

Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad and Web Developer. Cofounder & CEO at @musikee_com

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