Introducing HunterList

If you want to get a daily newsletter containing the newest startups ready to launch on Product Hunt or submit your startup to be viewed by the top hunters on Product Hunt, check out HunterList.

For those who don’t know how Product Hunt works, if you want your product posted directly to the front page you’ll have to find a top hunter on the site willing to submit your product for you or else you might find your product submitted to the upcoming section of Product Hunt never to be seen by most people.

One day it occurred to me that these top hunters must get a lot of email from people wishing to submit their product to the front page. So I decided to build HunterList, a way for top hunters to easily discover new startups ready to be hunted in one convenient newsletter instead of submission requests flooding your inbox.

Initially, I built HunterList for product hunters, but soon I realized that it could be an amazing tool for startup founders or people who just want to showcase their new side project. HunterList makes it easier for founders and creators to post their startup to Product Hunt by eliminating the search for a top hunter that wants to hunt your product. By submitting your product to HunterList you can showcase your product in front of tons of top hunters instead of cold emailing a handful of hunters who might not be interested in your product.

If you want to get access to HunterList you can do so here, or if you want to showcase you startup on the newsletter you can do that here. Stay tuned for part 2: How I built HunterList.