I am Indian American, and it’s 2017. But I still get asked ‘What are you?’
Washington Post

Sit Down With An Immigrant

You Might Be Surprised By What You Learn

If the author had posted about real discrimination and other racial issues, I would’ve sympathized with her, but what she thinks is racism is just curiosity. I’m black and I still ask people where they are from. Not because I think you’re some cool zoo animal I’ve never seen before but because I want to know more about that person and their culture.

Imo, being asked that question is a great opportunity to speak about her country with pride and explain it’s culture to them. If more Americans knew more about our cultures and the world outside American borders I honestly believe there would be less racism today. The whole Anti-Muslim fiasco is based on people who don’t know what Islam stands for. Some think it supports violence but it doesn’t. If they had a short and civil conversation with a Muslim person they would understand what their religion really stands for.

So your assertion that we shouldn’t try to learn more about each other is ridiculous.

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