This is only one page written by a dead to his great and dear daughter.

I belong to this world now, I’d like to change my world for a second time just for you, but hope here got no sense. Hope here is a beautiful lie killing me again just for you. I know you may think I left you to know you’ll become strong without me, but I left you because I’m not that strong to bring you with me . I passed away 2 days ago , and you’ll pass this 2 years after. I’m not sorry to be this far, but God chosed to bring me to darkness while light was just showing its beautiful shape.

Darling, let me tell you how I spent my first day without you. Was it a day? Or a year? maybe an hour, I left my time in the car, you may find it the police station or in the hospital or on my grave. There is no time with darkness, there is only waiting for the future, I must change my vocabulary , there is no future in my new world,there is only waiting , but waiting for who? and what? I’m not waiting for you darling, I’m waiting for the other me who is still in the past, waiting for breakfast, smelling morning freshness , feeling the warm morning hug.Im waiting for the other me who was more courageous to fight against death for his beautiful daughter waiting at home.

I don’t want you to consider me a weak becuse I left a strong other me with you. Don’t leave him , and don’t let him visit me .

Darling, close your eyes, and feel the spirit of life , feel love and hope, let me call you light and here your response .

Let me hear you screaming, don’t go daddy today , it’s mom’s birthday. Let me hear myself answering, I’ll be home in 3hours. Sorry I couldn’t be that punctual.

I sent you four flowers from my new dark world, to show you that my love for you does not depend on worlds, but only on Hope.

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