Day 25

It’s funny how the positive attention I’ve been getting for Denarri has come from the most surprising subreddits lately. Out of the various communities I’ve reached out to the past two days, the most engaged ones have come from r/Swords and r/DVDCollection.

Really awesome communities that have shown Denarri a ton of love. Looking forward to helping them save time and money as they enjoy their hobbies.

The somewhat downside is that this has only made me more anxious to get the Android version out ASAP, due to bittersweet comments like these:

I’ve also modified the referral system, so that instead users are given $1 off their first purchase for every friend they get on board, once 2.0 comes out. This seems to be a more tangible, direct, and enticing reward, only time will tell how it does.

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