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Could Mr Romm be any more disingenuous? He seems to have cherry-picked from the data he used to write his latest “Sky is Falling” diatribe on how our world will end! What he failed to include… are the statements (by project manager, Adrain Luckman) “but the researchers caution that climate change may not be the driving factor (more research is needed); calving is a natural, cyclical process.” and “The iceberg is expected to be one of the 10 largest ever recorded, and nearly twice the size of Rhode Island. The event would be reminiscent of the collapse of Larsen B in 2002.”

So… yes Mr Romm, the Larson ice shelve is about to calve another large section of it’s outer section… as it has done many times in it’s history. And you want to blame Donald Trump for what occurs after it calves? Are you assigning any blame to the previous administrations? After all… Obama was in office when this latest crack was discovered.

This is also, NOT the largest calving ever recorded… and increasing the amount of plant food in the atmosphere… is certainly NOT pollution! You sir are nothing more than an agenda drive political hack!