Biofuels from algae is the only efficient and potentially scalable solution in that area for the US…
Patrick fogarty

I don’t disagree with you Patrick… as niche fuels wind and solar have their place. The total worlds energy consumption in 2013 (I read) was 9,301 Mtoe, or 3.89 x 10 to the 20th joules. An average of 12.3 terawatts. I also have read the U.S energy consumption in 2014 was 98 quadrillion BTUs, out of 539 quadrillion BTUs used worldwide.

In 2015, solar energy produced 5 tenths of 1 % of all US energy produced, and, by the end of 2015, 1.4% of electrical energy produced.

At the first Congress on Algae, in the Netherlands, Eugene Roebroeck noted the following:

“There is only a limited amount of energy reaching the earth’s surface, that plants can use to grow.” It’s quite limited per square meter, and algae can only use 43% of that limited energy.

Check out for a very comprehensive explanation of what algae can… and cannot do,

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