3 ways Clean Energy will make Big Oil extinct in 12 to 32 Years — without subsidies
Nafeez Ahmed

I don’t see it happening Mr Ahmed, not even close! You are talking primarily about using solar and wind power to achieve this fairy-tail dream, and like all believers in alternate “clean” energy, you are ignoring the basic real world facts! For all the touting how much “renewables” have grown, the world’s Wind power grids do not achieve even 1% of the worlds useable power. Assuming sustained growth of energy use at 2% per year… the current rate… Australia would need to build 350,000 new wind turbines… per year… just to keep up with the growth IN DEMAND for energy!

You are employing one of the typical dodges, used by clean energy zealots… that is implying that the growth in alternate energy, is solar and wind… when, in reality, 3/4 of the supposed worlds alternate energy comes from biomass! mainly wood, with sticks, logs, and dung being burned in the homes of the poor, to cook with!

Basically, those big numbers you included in this article, are meaningless! You might want to read Matt Ridley’s WIND POWER MAKES 0% OF THE WORLD’S ENERGY.. before you write articles like this.

Oh, and take a look at the land needed, and the astronomical costs associated, with the dream of ending fossil fuel usage in the world!

By the way, I’m not against alternate fuels in the least… I just don’t see this as even close to being anything more than a theory! Want to use Solar? you can only generate energy, perhaps 8 hours of a 24 hour day in much of the world… if skies are clear! What will be the power source for electricity generation the other 60% of the time? Coal and oil fired power plants!

Yours is a nice pipe-dream Mr Ahmed… but that’s all it is!

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