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Romm’s typical left wing “I’m right, and they are wrong” mentality is on full display in this article!

In the first place, the Trump people are NOT science deniers! I would submit that foam at the mouth advocates of AGW… like Joe Romm are!

There is a tremendous amount of science available for all to read, that simply disagrees with the AGW theory… still not able to be proven… that somehow, a depressed atmospheric CO2 level is causing everything from heat to cold, more and larger hurricanes, more wildfires, droughts, and killing Polar Bears! (all debunked many years ago).

That Romm’s failed paradigm is now being challenged in the public eye… must be very disheartening to him!

The Paris accord, like the Kyoto protocol before it, would basically do nothing about climate… and Romm knows it! It would however, be a vehicle for worldwide income redistribution… the true goal of the far left!

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