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When you say “Climate Change”, are you referring to Income redistribution, as explained by UN IPCC officials, Dr. Ottmar Endenhofer and Christiana Figueres? Are you making the cardinal error of ASSuming CO2 is a pollutant?

For far too long, the liberal media has only published articles by those scientist who back the IPCC’s failed predictions. My great hope is that we all will now be allowed to hear from the thousands of climatologists, astronomers, astro-physicists, meteorologists, etc, that have looked at the IPCC offerings… and been underwhelmed!

Sure would be wonderful, if media people such as yourself, would give equal time to CERN, NIPCC, Drs. John Christy’s, Roy Spenser’s, Judith Curry, Tim Ball , Nir Shaviv’, Ivar Giaever’s and the rest of the thousands of worlds top scientists who disagree with the one-sided articles… like yours!

As Trump’ s pick for the USDA head, Sonny Perdue, stated, his policies will be “rooted in science”! It’s a shame so many in the media refuse to do the same!

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