I never even mentioned biofuels — you’re trying to counter a point that nobody made.
Drab Habit

You didn’t need to mention them David… Aren’t they “renewables”, as are wind and solar?

You wrote : In 2016, investment in renewables was roughly twice that invested in fossil fuels — this idea that renewables are not economically viable is utter nonsense:

My response has been to your statement, that it’s utter nonsense that renewables are not economically viable.

Perhaps you know of other sources of renewables that are currently on a par with the energy from fossil fuels?.. That they “would be” if subsidies were taken away from the Petrol-chemical industry, is wishful thinking, at best! We all must live in the real world.

Of course in the distant future, new energy sources will be very necessary, and I support the research currently in progress. Until there is more that a reasonable chance, that renewables can provide the energy levels necessary, for not only the developed nations, but those not so fortunate, I will stay with fossil fuels.

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