What is containerization and what role does Docker play in it?

What is a container?

Container of a ship.

Benefits of containerization:

  1. Portability : The abstraction in containerization ensures that the container works in the same way anywhere you deploy it. It follows the principle of “Write once, Run Anywhere” (Reminds you anything about your early Java days?)
  2. Faster rate of Delivery : Due to the microservice architecture, code changes can be applied to the isolated segments without affecting the application as a whole.

Containers V/s VMs:

  1. Layer 3: Application Layer
  2. Layer 2: Kernel
  3. Layer 1: Hardware
VM and Containers


Docker image

Docker Containers V/s Docker Images:

Main docker commands:

  1. docker pull <image:version> : Pulls the docker image from the repository.
  2. docker start <containerid/containername> : Starts an already stopped container
  3. docker run <image> : Creates a container layer over the specified image, and then starts it
  • -d : detached mode
  • -v : mounts the virtual file system of the container to the file system of the host
  • -name : name the container (Docker names a docker by default)
  • -p <hostPort:ContainerPort> : Binds the port of host to the container
  • -a : Lists all the containers (Even the stopped ones)

Docker Compose:

Yaml file
  1. docker-compose -f <filename> up : Starts the compose file
  2. docker-compose -f <filename> down : Stops the compose file

Docker File:





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