Why doesn’t anyone talk about Toxic Polyamory?

Everywhere I look I see tens of hundreds of articles and discussions about the concept of a “toxic monogamy culture”. Why doesn’t anyone talk about toxic polyamory?

For example, it can be hard to tell the difference between “I’m experiencing jealousy and insecurity that I need to learn strategies for handling” and “My partner is using their other partners to keep me feeling devalued and unworthy.”

It’s hard to get an outside perspective, as friends and counselors may be equally unsure. Without resource books and trusted, knowledgeable advice, most of us have little to go on besides our own intuitions and the discussions we have with our partners.

For many people, their first mentors in polyamory are also their first partners. And while often, this works out fine, as more experienced people help their less-experienced new partners navigate the difficult waters, the power imbalance creates the potential for control and manipulation.

And we need to be talking about it.

Share your experience?

Source : Everyday Feminism ; everydayfeminism.com