Back From The Grave

GhostCodes 2.0

Buckle your sheet belts, we’re officially BACK and spookier than ever!

[Didn’t you know ghosts aren’t supposed to stay dead?]

Before we get into the details, the most important question we have is — did you miss us?

…it’s all about you!

You’ll notice a whole new look to the GhostCodes brand this week…including an adorable new ghost. But today’s announcement goes much deeper than introducing a new logo.

Since we launched in April of this year, we’ve made great strides to improve Snapchat discovery. That was our #1 goal. In addition, we’ve also been working on a lot of things behind the scenes that go beyond that. GhostCodes will always provide tools to assist our users in growing their audience. BUT, in the coming weeks — you’ll begin to notice powerful new tools that will help our creators grow their wallet.

GhostCodes is sponsoring an awesome event in London called Snaphappen, and we couldn’t be more excited to be there with a few dozen of our favorite creators. On September 22nd, many of the worlds top Snapchat/Social influencers will spend time sharing real, tangible advice around Snapchat and it’s many unique attributes.

One of those people will be our co-founder, Frank Danna. It’s been our dream since day ONE to be part of something like Snaphappen — to connect IRL with creators who’ve found their audience through Snapchat — and, quite possibly, GhostCodes.

Besides sharing the story of GhostCodes, Frank will…

A Simple 3 Step Guide

We all share the same goal — that once in a lifetime moment of bliss where you’re able to brag to your Nanna about getting featured on one of your favorite apps, GhostCodes.

She tells you how proud she is…followed by a “what is GhostCodes?”

You then take the rest of the afternoon to explain our awesome app to her in 1930’s slang.

She hops on GhostCodes.

Gets featured.

Her content goes viral…and you get left in the dust.


That’s why we’re gonna give you some simple tips to make this unlikely scenario a little more…

Hey Ghosties! We’ve got some FRESH new features that we’ve been cooking up in the Ghostcodes lab. How fresh, you ask? Fresher than a Ghostsicle.

Hot summer nights will never be the same.

iOS users, the all-new GhostCodes version 1.2 is available now — it’ll be out for ANDROID in a few weeks.

From here on out, we’ll be focusing all of our attention on building in kick @$$ discovery features, but not before we set the groundwork for some legit privacy options. This version has the best of both worlds: PRIVACY and DISCOVERY.

First up, we tackle a major request from users: more sorting options for browsing…

OMG. It’s happening! 👻+👾=💜

It’s been less than month since we officially launched GhostCodes for iOS, and now, after what feels like an eternity later, we’ve launched on Android so we can haunt the Google Play Store too.

In other words, balance has been restored to the universe.

We’re pretty transparent about everything we do at GhostCodes, pun intended, so we wanted to share why we built for iOS first.

For us, it was all about devices. Developing for iPhone first meant developing for a very similar screen on a handful of devices. This made it easier to craft a…

Ain’t No Party Like a GhostCodes Party…Cause a GhostCodes Party Don’t Stop! 🎉

GhostCodes Party Feels

Can I just start by saying that we love you…?

[Cue the romantic candlelight and sweet background sounds from Kenny G.]

Seriously, response to the #GhostCodes app in the last week has been insane. And, we owe it all to you. For the first time in our life we hosted a party that people actually wanted to attend.

Thank you for that!

Does that mean we’re finally cool kids? 🙌

While, I’d love to spend hours crafting this post perfectly with impressive poetic verse to mask my below-average writing skills — I’d really rather spend my time getting our next…


A Snapchat discovery app.

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