Ghostlines is a platform that integrates feedback directly into the process of drawing a typeface. After months of roadmapping, revision, and development, we are excited to share Ghostlines version 1.0.

Please visit to take a look at our core features.

Since last writing, we’ve completely overhauled the extension, created user accounts, developed a type tester tool, and brought subscriber feedback into RoboFont.

Assuming you already have RoboFont, you can make an account and install Ghostlines through our website. For launch, we’re discounting accounts to $25/month for the first 6 months.

If you’re already using Ghostlines beta, you’ll probably want to migrate all of your subscribers over to the new version. You will see a message like this in the release window, if you have set up a project with the beta extension:

Once you’ve made a Ghostlines account, hit “Migrate from Beta” to bring over all of your subscriber information.

A big thanks to our Beta testers, too, who helped bring Ghostlines further than we imagined.

As always, let us know at if you have any thoughts.

Thanks for reading,
The Ghostlines Team
(Jack, Stephanie, and Lukas)

Ghostlines helps you gather feedback and track progress as you design typefaces.