What is Ghostlines?

Nov 9, 2016 · 2 min read

We’ve been in hibernation for a while, but Ghostlines development is now back in-gear. As we’ve mobilized, many of our conversations start with the question, “What is Ghostlines?”

In short, Ghostlines is an extension for the font editor RoboFont that streamlines iterative design on in-progress fonts. It also helps collect and solicit feedback as you reach milestones.

Much as like using Illustrator while making a logo, while drawing glyphs it can be easy to lose track of your progress. Which version was the most-recent? Where did that layer go? What feedback did I get from whom? Ghostlines aims to help solve these kinds of problems.

Current Features

Ghostlines is currently only in v0.3.0, but already you can start to fold it into your workflow.

  • Manage a list of subscribers who you can notify when you release a new version of your in-progress font.
  • Create a sign-up page with a unique URL for you to share with potential subscribers.
  • Attach a license of your choosing to each new release. (We’re working on helping you write EULAs, too.)
  • Include notes on changes since the previous version—whether that’s just tweaking the uppercase “M” or trying out an entirely new weight.

We’re seeking to build out this feature set, and any of your ideas can help!

Stay Tuned…

We want Ghostlines to fold into various workflows, we want process management that is built for type, and we want feedback that is consolidated and simple. As such, we’re building Ghostlines to be useful across various stages of type design—from early curve drawing through to the final touches.

If you want to give Ghostlines a shot, please download it here! It plays nice with RoboFont Mechanic. If you find anything weird, the best way to let us know is to file an issue on github. If you imagine a feature you need to make your workflow smooth, please send us an email (info@ghostlines.pm). You can also always ping us on twitter to chat or share ideas.

We’ll be writing more in this space as we develop new features and navigate the world of type design and tool development.


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Ghostlines helps you gather feedback and track progress as you design typefaces.

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