Decentralized Protests in Algeria

This article shows how Blockchain decentralization can be applied in protests

How Algerian Digital Watch Dogs defeated the regime ? How the most underrated country did the impossible? How to defeat a dictatorship using Decentralized principals? the answer in this article

Section 1 : The background

Section 2 : The algerian Watch dogs

Section 3 : The breakthrough

Section 1 : the Background

A brief history of algeria since 1990


After a decade of blood due to one of the worst times in Algeria History. After 200 k + dead and thousands of kidnaped . Algerians were traumatized , Scared , never willing to mass protest again or ask for any of their rights .

2000’s — 2019

Abdelaziz bouteflika

Abdelaziz bouteflika came to power with the main mission to end the civil war , Algerians were so traumatized they were willing to accept anything in exchange of peace , Bouteflika has successfully ended the civil war , but in exchange he has no plan to deeply develop the country .

Bouteflika has oil in his favor averaging 100$ / barril in his time which permitted to bouteflika to buy social peace , and to almost fix any power conflict at the top of the pyramid with money corrupting almost everyone in top . in the same time bouteflika fired all the media that wasn’t aligned with his approach , also adopted a preservative approach to Globalization waves . in order to keep the dirty managing methods safe and secret .

Bouteflika had 4 presidential terms since 1999 elections the first 2 were kinda transparent but the last 2 were heavily faked by his allies , the people that benefited from the corrupted system in place .

Strong points of bouteflika age :

Algerian Military Ministry HQ

Since 1999 , the only 2 sectors that had an exponential development are :

  • The Military has seen an incredible development from #43 worldwide in 1999 to #26 best military powers worldwide in 2018 as GlobalfirePower rank states.
  • Security sector ( Police , Intelligence services ..Etc)

Freedom of speech :

freedom of speech has known a significant increase from 1999–2009

but considerably degraded from 2009-present as journalists get constantly harassed if they publish an article or any thing opposing to bouteflika

Also any human rights activists , defender or blogger will eventually get kidnaped or put into jail in some cases without any trial.

Algeria was transforming in one of the worst dictatorship especially since Bouteflika had its stroke that made him basically unable to even speak.

which gave his entourage the green light to take over the power behind the scenes .

during that period no one could speak , the press was fully controlled by the regime and no journals nor Tv channels could even write or speak about the catastrophic situation of the country .

Also the kidnapping approaches that security forces took against any activists made people fear bigger , in that time even a simple facebook post where you express your personal opinion could cause you infinite amount of trouble and possibly a kidnapping by the secret services to unknown places and if you have no friends to protest you will basically thrown in jail for indefinite amount of time ,as example : Brahim Lalami , Adlane mellah , Toufik Dz ..and more.

Also online influencers ,singers , artists ..Etc were facing incredible pressure from secret services to stay silent and never speak-up like : Anes Tina , Dz Joker , Zarouta youcef

An important note that protests are forbidden in algeria since 2001

Section 2 : Algerian Watch Dogs

Amir DZ

As the regime was practicing incredible levels of dictatorship and low to no freedom of speech and knowing that the situation of the country will eventually head to massive protests we started to study the arab spring protests and learn how things got violent. many Activists migrated to european countries mainly to find a better life and start a Awareness fight to feed the algerian people the dirty facts about the algerian regime .

examples are many like : Amir Dz , Mohamed arbi zitout , Abdellah , Rachid Nekkaz (facebook page currently suspended 1.8 million)

How the massive algerian Protests are compared to blockchain ?

During 2018 all the mentioned Watch dogs were continuously providing a video formats equivalents of Coins whitepapers about how to move and the Do’s and Don’ts.


we should mention that the biggest role is given to the anonymous internal resistance providing guidance and insights .

the same goes to the international resistance , thanks to all who participated

internal resistance
internal resistance
3rd april 2019 , Jijel algeria

to state one amongst thousands the resistance is ismail man 54 :

protests drone footage

when Algerian intel’s made aware of this they made an agreement under the table with some unfaithful facebook moderators in order to delete any facebook page or account that oppose to the regime .

this is proven by the facebook transparency report . as it is not coherent with the amount of their interventions in favor of the algerian dictatorship regime.

btw Still trusting facebook ?…

the above Watch dogs has been attacked by facebook multiple times especially Amir DZ the main actor in this phase , his facebook pages got deleted 6 times including pages with 3 millions likes and another with 1.5 million .

the ‘white paper” is a couple of directions for the people , police , army ..Etc

Section 3: the Breakthrough

14 january 2019: after being convinced that the algerian people is dead morally , the president announced he will run for fifth term .

Regime strong points :

  • heavy man power
  • super strong intelligence system
  • tricky laws
  • full

22 February 2019 : Defying the fear

without any sign , the people gone out in an amazing way armed with memes , protesting the Fifth term

without any leader , without any organizers , Algerian like ants by millions in all 48 states gone out protesting the 5th term in incredible pictures

the world was expecting violence , deaths,injured..etc

the results one of the amazing mass protests in the world even after the absence of the watch dogs due to the suspension of their pages

22 february 2019

You pick any one from the crowds and he can tell you the demands of the people and they are all the same , everyone is a leader , everyone is a hero

9 april 2019 , students protests

every friday since , the people go out in an increasing numbers

Same goal , same purpose , same ideas , in millions in streets

As an important note : the authorities tried disrupting the internet , slowing it down days before the protests , suspending Watch dogs facebook pages , but without results , people numbers snowballing with unity and same goals even without the watch dogs

8 march 2019 : The people are the only heros

8 march 2019

Amazed by the numbers , the organizations the Riot forces took the defensive posture letting the protesters demonstrate their opinion

people wall to protect the police forces
Friendly anti riot police

How the algerians defied the traumatism of the civil war and the dictatorship of the regime ?

How and why they avoided making leaders?

Having leaders in a dictatorship regime is a killer move, as the intel will most likely kidnap or kill him

Making everyone a leader is a strong approach, the protesters in algeria now are all leaders , with same ideas same goal same hopes and same problems . this is what made if incredibly difficult for the system to fight, they tried taking post sharers to jail , interrogating activists ..etc , nothing worked and nothing will .

You can’t kill an idea .

VICTORY .12 march 2019 : Bouteflika wont seek fifth term !

VICTORY 2 Bouteflika resigns

it is a partial win , we will keep fighting until all the regime go .

now another fight is awaiting , the algerians has to remove all the remaining regime elements .

as a plan for that algerians are planning to start using mainly crypto (BTC , ETH) in a move to sink the country’s currency and hurt the regime.besides using a blockchain solution for the next presidential elections

this Article explains how the algerians applied decentralization and blockchain principals to defy the regime , to free themselves .

Hope it will help other nations to be Free

Thanks to other nations that are following us :


Want to know more ?

France yellow vests writing : the algerian people will show us the way

Ghosts Out.