I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

Thank you and kudos for the courage and effort. It would take more than a hashtag and few articles to change this deeply rooted “culture” of sexual predation though. As a man coming from a third world society where harassment is a quasi-automatic almost “phatic” reaction, I expected the developed world would have a better appreciation for individual choices when it comes to sexuality. Instead I found the same “culture”. I call it so because it seems that those in favour of such behavior are proudly holding to their perversions in total disregard of the absent consent. Thus, displaying it as a given indisputable merit for a man to harass a passing by woman. Women like you will influence more women and pave the way for them to standup for themselves. Men too. While a good portion of men population is against this behaviour very few take concrete actions when they witness it and I think men could do a lot more than disagreeing silently and passively distancing themselves from the guilt. Men should proactively shame harassment and fight it in a preventive way too through good influence within their immediate social network at least.

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