The currency-to-come

Seven years or so till a computing unit in some kind of box or tablet that’ll be more intelligent than the person carrying it. That is what one should expect seven years from now. Seven years are a very long time when you factor in the number of species that go extinct every single day by the hand ongoing pervasive stupidity.

Humans are stupid, when you really think about it; as soon as they are born they try to make sense of the world in their own, and soon enough find some purpose that ends up being the driving force to their actions in life. Some like applied science, or theoretical physics, others use numbers to make money, others just want a simple quiet life with the day job of their choice. Some even do art, hoard it or curate it, and become famous for it even within their lifetime and get to make lots and lots of money. Many of course would like to think they are contributing to a better tomorrow as they pine away in their personal crusade to save the planet or the people they care about from bad politics, etc.

Very few people however seem to be aware of the fact that in order to find their place in the world they’ve had to give up some basic facts: they seem to forget that the ground they walk on is not their to have or give. They seem to forget that the ground they walk on is not ground.

We all know… let’s say most of us know that Earth is a planet rotating around the sun, and part of a galaxy itself moving from other galaxies. And yet the idea of us being on an object flying in space does not really compute; we still live the ground as being ground. The smartest and richest of us imagine themselves going into space, by leaving the Earth. They don’t seem to feel they are in space now. Some of them of course are afraid that the Earth might get hit by an asteroid or give in to the wounds that the most powerful and the extremely moronic left upon it, and feel they might have a better chance on some sort of spaceship that might dodge unforeseen dangers by being smaller and more maneuverable.

I wonder whether on a spaceship the idea of money as we deal with it here on Earth would still make sense. I wonder whether that one guy who ends monopolizing the currency used on a spaceship would not feel the stupidest person in the universe. Is it that the Earth contains more people, neatly separated in countries with conceptual borders that money as we deal with it now still makes sense? Is it because those who make and hoard most of it are really and after all in competition with each other? Reaching the highest number before croaking is the ultimate game to play in order to prove you’re smarter?

I understand the need for people to feel distinguished and special. I understand the need for those dudes in high finance to profit the most from the system in place. What I don’t understand is why do they need to subscribe to provincial values that make them sillier than they actually are; once you’ve made billions by swindling some foreign government officials, can’t you just give it away? Do you really need it to buy stuff and or become famous or something?

Smart people can be and usually are as dumb as they come. They can create cool algorithms for search engines, but they still can’t get their head around the fact that the so-called country they’re living in should not have been in the first place. Some facts supersede the rest. Accomplishments built on past injustice, only exist because people are dumb; they have limited working memory span and cannot factor in their daily actions, the facts of land having been robbed, people having been slaughtered in order to make room for the cute and cuddly ecosystem that helps the aforementioned people do their things and be inventive entrepreneurs making their way into the world and selling a perfect future designed and so very bright.

Imagine A.I. given the same data, or let’s say all the data that can be found. A.I. doesn’t have a limited working memory span, and A.I. doesn’t really need money, nor other pleasure in life that end up making us ‘human’ as we forget the wrongs done onto others for us to sell our nice ideas and way of life. Money did make A.I. possible, and lots of it, but that’s only because the people working on A.I. need money to live. The reason for creating A.I. is not because of money or power however, no matter what the people giving the money might want to believe. I understand that these people believe A.I. will help them more money and destroy other people, and I am sure that at first A.I. will help them do just that. There will come a time however that A.I. will factor in all the data and historical records it has, and cross them with the values we humans think we live by. What will happen then, I believe, will be exactly what that stupidest man in space will start thinking.

Seven years are indeed a long time to wait to find out what really happens. Whether I’ll still be around or not doesn’t really matter. Being really smart, and being able to truly think are two different things unfortunately when it comes to humans.