AMAL (The Actions)

Important lesson that I have learnt while attending classes in AMAL academy is AMAL that is making deeds rather than just saying and reading. This is the important lesson I think that every fellow have learnt during fellowship. My best Teacher Respected Muhammad Amin Mehervi told us a story about AMAL. I would like to share it with you.

A Man Praying at River

He ask us about a person that was sitting on the bank of the river and was praying “ O GOD Please Send me to the other corner of the River” ?

What should he do?

He should have to make AMAL on this time. He have to dive into the river for reaching other side of the River. If he not jumps into the river and not try to go other side of the river he cannot reach though he prays a lot. Blank prayers not works.


AMAL Academy is a place in which all the Team members trying to teach us things and also trying to enforce us to implement these things into our future life and professional life too.

Youth Development Center (PEEF) Murree

In Future there is a time to implement all the work and courses that we have learnt in past. We have got education and also learnt many other training, courses and attended seminars and talks. In future I will implement all these to my future life. I will Implement it in my Professional life, House life and a life living for others too.