Edhi Sab

If I describe this chapter in a paragraph, I would to tell you that a son of Memon family, whose father was engaged in trade, has been blessed by Allah Almighty. His father was two times widowed and real mother from a Deevan family which has good business. His father was in another city for business purpose and mother was generous and gentle. She appreciates the good deeds of Edhi and scold on bad deeds. Having good social behavior made him apple of his mother’s eyes despite having lack of interest in study. He turned in selfless man from a selfish man by the training of his mother. He was small in size but has big dreams. He wanted to do something for the welfare of the people.

Edhi sab and Allama Iqbal

First concept given by Allama Iqbal was Khudi which means himself. At this stage, we should recognize ourselves and eliminate the tension of failure. For success, first of all, recognize of yourself. If you know yourself, you know the real life and knowing the real life is to know the Allah and getting external powers and blessings of Allah.

· Increase confidence and making ourselves able to do maximum tasks

· High trust on our own qualities

· Always think positive

· Always try to look forward