Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

Unfortunately I can not join my super fellows for this memorable day due to some very personal problem. Although I tried my very best but could not succeed. I would like to thank all my fellows for encouraging me to join them in this tour. I was really excited for this tour and really wanted to visit Rawal Lake but all in vain.

Seeing videos and pictures of tour of super fellows made me even more sad as I missed on a very special tour. I really appreciate Ma’am Maryam for taking out time from her busy schedule and gave her students company. She really showed an inspirational gesture by joining fellows early in the morning. I would also like to congratulate Sir Talha for being with fellows in each every occasion. Despite his workload he was always there with fellows in every activity be it Eidhi fund raising or this tour.

These activities are very important. Such recreational tour make us feel relaxed and keep us fresh from our work load. I really appreciate Amal team for making this your happen for all the fellows. This fellowship has become an integral part of my life.