Practicing Happiness to boost your success

Being happy is not that easy. Happiness is one of the biggest gift if not more than surely it has equal importance as health has. People have a lot of wealth and money, they can buy health(in most cases) but they are unable to buy happiness.

You are gifted if you feel happy, if you feel happy at little happiness and you feel happy by doing little effort. People spent billions in charity work buy they don’t feel any happiness because they don’t really mean it. I will try to tell you few easiest secrets to get happiness in your life but foe that you need to have a positive frame of mind.

We can get happiness if we show gratitude. We should shoe gratitude to our creator. Usually I feel that I am very unlucky and have not been blessed enough but then I see people around me with no brain, with no legs, with no hands, with no tongue, with no eyes, and people who cant even eat. It really makes me pay gratitude to Allah. It makes me happy that at least I am good enough to do anything for me if I try.

Another way to make yourself is to to make others happy. Show kindness towards others and it will give you real pleasure. By helping others actually we are helping ourselves. One day, take just one day out of your busy schedule and and try helping others and I promise you this is going to be the best day of your life.