Project 1: Sharing a story of your mentor

Mentor ship is very important in the life. It can help us big time in our life. Having a mentor in life will help us get through difficult times. We must be serious in choosing a mentor. Mentor can be anyone from your network.

My elder brother has been has accompanied me through thick and thin and he has been a mentor for me over the years. It has helped me very much in my life. I was never a person like this. He helped me in developing my confidence and also told me to compete in this competitive world. When I was 10 years old he was the one who asked to study further in Multan and also helped me in getting admission in one of the better schools of Multan.

Humility is very important. In my opinion it is the most important factor in this relationship. If there is no humility then we might not able to share our problems properly and even solutions can not be as good as with humility, For me humility is must in mentor ship.