People Want Love By You!

People respond to affection and sympathy because they need you and they are your need. People make friends and trust them blindly, because their believe in friends make them strong. For example you have a dog, it might remain hungry or without shelter but if you love it or pay affection to it, it will never leave you. So now think about human beings, what will they do?

In Islam our religion, mainly focused on affection and peace. Islam says that remain peaceful and love Allah Almighty’s whole creature because, He had made nothing useless in the world.

As Dale Carnegie wrote in his book “ How to win friends and Influence People” behave with people in this way that they start to be friends of you. When you help others without any discrimination of known person or stranger, people will help you in return when you will be hopeless and helpless.

For example I am cooperative person in my class, any one who needs something that I have or I can do for them, I should help them. Because it’s a loan and I will be paid back, when I need it.

I have interviewed many people, for the purpose of knowing them and their strengths and abilities and future plans. I have a God gifted nature of making friends easily, people trust me be cause they know that I will never let them down in my capacity. I have the guts to touch the hearts of people because I show my full sympathy and emotions for their problems.

So people want love, affection and hope of living with in your company. If you behave rudely people will hate you and leave you. As dog could live hungry and shelter-less with you, but it will never live with you, without love and affection. What about Humanity???