Importance of Social relations in our life

After reading the book chapter I came to know about the feelings of the people, and how to we live in a society with love and peaceful environment. We communicate with the people around us live them with friendly environment, Judge their feelings. If we are interested in people, people also take interested in our self, if we have strong social relation we enjoyed a every moment of the life. Through the interaction with community learnt about the people and their way of success it is very helpful for us to implement in our life and get benefits. Make a strong friendship relation with our fellows we have to remember the memorable and important moments of their life it could be a very helpful to make our relation strong. After the getting inspired from the chapter I implement this activity in my life and communicate with friends, Teachers, family members and my cousins. I have learnt lot of value able things from their views their life plans their working habits. Some friends behave strange why I am asked about their last weeks and their future planning’s what they want to do in next days. I asked them I have just start to communicate my beloved friends and know about their life. I have recalled a lot memorable things and the moments in our early ages. My teacher told me about their plan and also give very fruitful piece advices which are helpful for me and my future.

Some of my friends in my friend list I just contact with them after a long time, before that I only text them forward messages, after knowing about their feelings their social life knowing about their life.

Few of them they are got married and they enjoyed married life I got some helpful and funny advices from them about the married life. Four to five fellows just near complete their graduations and searching for the jobs and some of them they are started their internships, I know about the problems which are they face during their internship programme and also during job searching process they have very useful tips which are helpful for me in the future.

It’s really being a nice experience to know about others. I learnt a lot psychology of people how they think and how they interact with others.

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