When someone encouraged me

For the first time I did, what others didn’t want I do.

“No labour is an insult, the lowest form is dignified and worthy of respect. Start from the lowest rung.” — Abdul Shakoor Edhi

About one and half decade ago, When I was in class prep, my father used to leave me and my younger brother at school, half a mile away from our home, on his bicycle. We both had lunch boxes in our bags and still wanted some money, but most of the time he refused. We both had some wishes like other children’s. It was natural.

In break time, I used to see many of my friends buying different things from the tuck-shop but, if my memories are with me, I remember that, I didn’t beg anything ever from them even if they are my best friends.I always tried my best to suppress my feeling and said nothing to my parents about our wills.

Time passed and now, I was in class five. I always tried to see my friends, if any, sitting idle while other were busy in eating their meals. I preferred less food for me by sharing with them instead of eating more but, alone. When, I was in class nine for the first time I did, what other didn’t want I do.

It was Sunday afternoon when, I went to the market, a mile away, and started working at one of the fruits shop. In the evening I got seven rupees as my labour which made me happier than any other thing.

Some times I felt embarrassment when someone from my relatives came to me in the market. They met with my parents and advised them to refrain me away from this labour work but, I didn’t care about anyone. As I mention a quote, in the very first lines, given by Abdul Shakoor Edhi father of Abdul Sattar Edhi(founder of world’s largest welfare foundation) that;

There is no insult for someone doing labour work. Abdul Sattar Edhi also did his first job in the age of eleven at a fabric store as, he writes in his book,“A Mirror To The Blind”.

Just start#

As I go through this book and read the lines in which Edhi Sb says that, after some time on his job, he lost his interest in the work he was doing at the age of eleven and left it back and looking for something special that could give him the purpose of living in this world. I also left my first job back when, I started my intermediate but, there was a voice hidden inside me which always made me toward finding something special and did something different in which, I could get inner happiness. It was my Khuddi.

I had a passion to teach but did not try to teach even so I could teach in any institute if I applied then. In this profession, I thought that, I can serve humanity in a better way.

If kids come to us from strong , healthy functioning families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come from strong, healthy functioning families, it makes our job more important” — Barbara Colorose

because, it is a teacher who has the ability to transform a kid’s brain into a fertile one having positive thinking or a barren one having negative thoughts.

There were a lot of hurdles in my way to start teaching: first is my hesitation and nervousness, second is my mandatory presence at home for house works etc.When, I was succeeded in my first step to my way that was control over my nervousness, next step was from where I could start. this problem solved automatically when one of my cousins asked me about teaching in the academy where he was going because, the academy was looking for a teacher.

I accept this proposal immediately and started my first teaching experience from very next day. In front of the students I could not even speak accurately on the other hand my legs were shivering. This was happened for only two days, After that, I was able to deliver a lecture very smoothly. It is giving me a true happiness because, I am teaching there for a very small amount of money as there are too many needy students there and, I know when, I was in my intermediate I paid less relative to other students.

Now, I am very happy with this part time job. I like to mention a latest incident at that academy when, I refused to take half of my lectures, due to time problems, at that time what students said make my happiness limitless. What they said was that,“If you shall not take our lectures then there is no meaning of our stay here.

There are a lot of thing that, I learnt from my job like, how to control yourself, when you judge other’s psychology once then you have the ability to treat them in their own way, why it is necessary to show humbleness and politeness towards someone even if you are burning from inside,how you can deliver a message to other’s in an effective way and much more. In future I shall try my best to continue this job as far as possible and try to produce very good brains which will enlighten and serve their country and its people in their future, In Sha Allah.