Not Even He Can Mess This Up
Michael Brune

the obama EPA said the haze problem in canyon lands is from two coal power plants as did a article in eco watch, they are wrong. it was proven that the haze is from so many fires in the western united states,in northern utah over the last few yrs haze from fires in idaho made it to the salt lake valley.i assume this articles are written to create fear and coerce the people to fall in line with the obama agenda of a new world order. its more fake news DUDE. but i do hope wind power makes great gains but you need to develop power storage to make it real. after all europe is moving away from this technology, to burning bio-fuels again. and china has no intention of complying until 2020. check the New Science article written 12/2/16. so no fear mongering please. the great divider is gone and the new one is in,so fall in line,cus the {crying} out load rallies aint going to work.find another way another platform. love ya all

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