Does Double Glazing ‘Mean’ anything, anymore?

Double Glazing Isn’t Trendy Now

Have you ever thought over the word of ‘double glazing’ as being a bit ‘done over’? It was certainly a phrase you could describe our industry in the 1980s and 1990s. We also picked up a heck of a smear on our collective reputation that could only be matched today by certain MPs — it was difficult to buck that.

Fortunately we’ve progressed a lot since then. The way we do things and present ourselves to our market has total changed from two-or-more decades before.

So maybe it’s time we all finally got over the ‘Double Glazing bug’ and actually present everything we do — rather than just a single buzz-word product.

Yet We’re So Much More

For the majority of the generation that experienced the 80s and 90s proper, double glazing was the overwhelming face of our trade. The idea of triple glazing was fantasy to many. Having bi folding doors in London even more so. Solid roofing was left to the builders. PVCu as an substitute for the traditional timber frames was not even invented yet. Composite doors were over a decade way. So the reason why we latched onto identifying as the ‘double glazing industry’ was, quite simply, that it was the only thing we had to sell.

Now we’re post millennium in 2016. PVCu has come and gone as a trend and is nowhere near as prominent. Now it’s composite doors that rule over all things door related. It’s aluminium framing — now with trendy finishes and colours — has made a strong return. Triple glazing is slowly being taken up in parts of the UK. Now solid roofs have turned the conservatory on its head — we are, in fact, so much more than just double glazing.

GHI Windows have been waiting for the day it could say with ease that it was a fenestration specialist, when it comes to representing our industry. Fenestration allows or that scope of being able to provide more than one product.

New Products, New Image

For the average property owner, our industry only provides new and replacement doors and windows — but we’ve got a whole lot more to offer than just those.

For ourselves among many others in our industry, we position ourselves as a complete ‘home improvement’ company. Many have taken this as a golden opportunity to re-brand and monopolise on the expanding range of higher-quality fenestration services and that’s awesome.

But this isn’t an industry-wide trend as it should be. If we completely discarded ‘double glazing’ for ‘fenestration’ we may see that — over time — the public perception of our trade might change for the better — reinforced by the wider range of products we can now offer.

Overall though, ‘double glazing’ is no longer the buzzword we need describe ourselves with. It’s a hold-over from the last two decades and is out-of-date. Most of all it reminds people of our past approach — difficult times when we did ourselves no favours with the public.

It’s time we started fresh and threw these hang-ups away to make ourselves a new image and present ourselves with a modern outlook of innovation — a forward thinking ‘fenestration’ industry.

For a glazers that keeps ahead of the curve — providing some of the highest quality double glazing & bi folding doors London wide — contact GHI Windows on 0800 731 4582 Today!


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