In these troubled times, InReach Ventures is still working on investments and product development: developing software to discover and engage with European early-stage entrepreneurs. In this post, I share the communication guidelines we implemented to help transform InReach into a remote software-powered VC firm and what we have learned so far from this experience.

A couple of months ago, I moved to Norway and transitioned to be InReach Ventures’ first fully-remote employee.

My girlfriend and I had decided to move to Norway, where she is from, attracted by the quality of life over there. …

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This article offers a wrap-up of the key learnings from running my latest side-project: a machine-learning-powered cryptocurrency price bot. CryptoProphet is a price tracking bot that uses machine learning to forecast prices and alerts subscribers of unusual market movement. Customers get alerts only when something unusual happens and don’t have to watch volatile prices.

As of today, 1,300 people registered, the bot sent 75,000 individual alerts and the forecasts got about 50,000 page views. You can read my previous blog post to learn more about the inception of the project.

In November 2017, I released a new version of the…

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Since joining InReach Ventures as a Data Scientist I have been learning a tremendous amount about entrepreneurship and what it takes to build a company. In the following post, I develop how I applied my learnings while working on my latest side-project: a SaaS product for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency investing is the latest gold rush: adoption is booming and prices are skyrocketing with a total market cap flirting with 150b$. …

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Product Manager at InReach Ventures. More at:

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