From the Page to the Screen: Oxenfree Preview

Disclaimer: This is fictional writing for my journalism class, where a classmate assumes the role of a game developer and I am to interview and write a preview about their game (based on an actual released game). Any facts listed may or may not be true, however, the quotes and information on the mock interview are not from the actual developers. Furthermore, all multi-media used are from the Night School Studio’s official website (

Developed by Night School Studio, the supernatural mystery narrative game, Oxenfree allows the player to take on the role of Alex, who visits an eerie island for a party.

Similar to other narration games by Tell Tale Games, Oxenfree gives the player to choose from a maximum of 3 different dialogue choice. From those choices, relationships with other characters might strengthen or deteriorate. Also the dialogue choice runs on a timer, where not responding is a way of an extended response.

“Unlike Tell Tale Games, we did not use licensed characters or stories from other medias,” June Hong, one of the main developers, said. “But rather built our own from ground up.”

Oxenfree definitely has a dark, mystical vibe from the start. Without any information given about the characters or their relationships with one another, it is the player’s role to find out and put each pieces of the puzzle together.

From the short introduction scene that I played, it was hard to tell if the game would become a sophisticated yet intriguing adventure or an over the top Tell Tale like narrative game.

Somewhat disclosed at this time, there has been some speculations on the possibility of becoming a Netflix animated series in the near future, according to June Hong.

The game will hit the store shelves on January 15th for the PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, and Linux.

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