no one has taken technology up as a political opportunity to work on social equity
Countering the Digital Consensus — Technology, Elites, and Elections
Bianca Wylie

Well, if you go further back in time than Hicks, you could consider the hippies culture after the Summer of Love of 1967 as a movement that wanted to achieve exactly that. Quoting from a sign at the “California — Designing Freedom” exhibit currently at London’s Design Museum, “hippies left San Francisco (…) to build a new society and needed the tools with which to do it.”, then going on describing the Whole Earth Catalogue and “the potential of technology (…) that included everything from weaving kits to scientific calculators”.

It looks like we’ve lost the opportunity to use technology to work on social equality many times in history. We know what happened of that hippies movement later, and how Silicon Valley is today is a symbol of anything but equality. Perhaps it’s not about technology at all, and thinking of tech as a tool for equality is distracting us from the actual issue.

My guess is that human nature really isn’t interested in social equality after all, whatever the tools we have available. We want to be at the table, not on the menu, and there is no practical alternative status.

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