The hidden beauty of the Home Screens

Two years ago a friend of mine recommended me a website called The Sweet Setup. A really useful website that picks the best app from a category and writting a review about it. But there is more than that.

Every Monday they are posting an iOS Setup Interview, which became my favourite section and since i became a big fan of their site, i sent them my iPhone Setup, which was published in February.

Apparently home screens and workflows are a pretty interesting subject for geeky people. There is a constant desire to find a workflow that suits your needs and works better than the current one you already have. One of the most famous -and app addicted- tech guys out there is Federico Viticci, who got the hype of the home screens and created a premium newsletter (with a bunch of stuff, including the home screens interviews) of his website called MacStories Club.

Besides The Sweet Setup and MacStories, you can find home screens interviews at MacSparky, child of David Sparks.

It is really interesting to read how people are using their phones, which is the most important tool to get things done and try to find a way to improve yours by taking advantage of a tip.

No matter how many articles and interviews you are going to read, at the end of the day, you will always use what makes you feel comfortable (it’s like the iPhone’s default keyboard all over again).

And this is what makes me feel comfortable.

Email and Note-taking are two subjects that have been discussed so many times to so many podcasts so far for two main reasons.
1) There is a lot of improvement to be made to those apps
2) Email and Notes is where work is getting done.

Inbox by Google has an extreamely convenient way to handle your emails in bundles and an even easier way to search receipts, ticket, purchases or whatever you might need, because of their auto-tagging/bundling system.

Evernote might not be the most elegant note-taking app but still has no competitor at what it does. Even after Phil Libin’s departure, and the rumors regarding the company’s future, Evernote remains the most reliable option out there and still reminds us why it got at the top in the first place.

Last but not least, since algorithmic timeline is a thing in our days, you can read an excellent article by Matt Bircher, pointing out why algorithmic timeline is the best option. I couldn’t agree more and in case you are wondering, this is the reason why i choose Twitter app vs Tweetbot.

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