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“Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something”.

What do you mean it’s weird for a man in his mid 20’s to quote a kid’s cartoon? While that quote may be obvious at first glance, there’s a bit of profoundness to it if you dig deeper. (Bonus points if someone can comment what show the quote is from).

I am not a writer and I never imagined myself writing my thoughts down in a public forum. However, I’ve always enjoyed sharing my thoughts with others (just ask my co-workers). For the past 3 years I’ve…

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Procrastination must be addicting. I’ve been “writing” this article for months. In a similar fashion, I’ve been putting off updating our 50 thousand line code base to Python3.

As some of you know, Python 2 became legacy at the start of 2020. There’s a few downsides to staying on version 2. Libraries you rely on may stop supporting python 2, and security vulnerabilities may arise. Worst of all, there’s this message any time you pip install anything:

Gian Brazzini

Engineer at Dallas startup.

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