New MacBook Pro is not a Laptop for Developers Anymore. Part 1
Alexey Semeney

long time macbook pro user and a developer. At least a new macbook each year, for me and my small company. A tons of ios devices (iphones, ipads…)

Time to move to surface. Your new mac book pro is a joke. Everything is “touch”, but it really isn’t touch at all. You have a mess in your OS, a separate OS for macbook and mobile. Limits in your ports, then the deprecated magsafe, the underpowered gpu, ram limits, now also the keys of the f keyboard. They were 20 years before Apple was almost dead after SJ departure. Ok you’ll need other 20 years or even a little more, but my dear apple in 2030 you’ll be dead even if today you have 700B. Food for your minds. This happens when wrong people are leading the company.

Food for your minds (and inverstors’s)

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