This is a test.

My name is Gianclaudio, I’m from Brasil but I’m living in Argentina. This is my first sentence in English every day when I will take a shower in the morning. Yes, every day I have a shower conversation in English.

“Letter buttons on an old, dirty jukebox.” by Diomari Madulara on Unsplash

I’ve study so many times to English interviews that I take this sentence in my head when I thinking in English.

This is one of the ways that I use to study and improve my English at the moment. My second way to study, is listening to a book or a podcast every day. I go to my work on the bicycle and I’m listening to something in English on the way.

Also, I read a short article in English always I can. and I use the Poket app. You can save anything that interest you for read after, and I can read something fast almost all days and this is my third way to learn.

Now, I start the Fourth way, writing in this place. I confess I never write anything online, and I still fell more uncomfortable with this. But my desire to learn is more biggest and I will try.

The life is about try.

Of course, I also study English with a teacher for two hours of the week, but she’s not studying for me. She is a guide for me to construct my way to the objective. Learn a new language.

Today, I speak two languages (Portuguese and Spanish) and this makes me had the experience to learn.

That’s why I created a framework, a way to put in my routine some forms that are all English courses teaching me.

  • Listening: On the bike every day.
  • Writing: On this place.
  • Speaking: On a shower. (for a while)
  • Reading: a short article in the poket app almost all days.

Clearly, I need learn more and improve my conversation. But first, I need to create a habit to writing. That's the step of stair I am.