Know Thyself To Unlock Your Dreams, And Uncomplicate Your Life

All spiritual seekers aim for ‘Enlightenment’ but how can you expect to know everything about anything, until you know about yourself? ‘Know Thyself’ is the book that takes you on an inner journey where you can connect to your own Truth, which lies buried under years of conditioning and dualities.

Your mind is made up of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts. When we make a decision or a choice in life, we are heavily influenced by our subconscious and unconscious mind too — even if we don’t realize it.

That is why our Upanishads say that ‘Our deepest desires define what we are. What we Desire, becomes our Will. What we Will, becomes out Intention. What we intend, becomes our Action. And the Way we Act, becomes our Destiny.”

The spiritual book we are talking about helps us connect with our deepest thoughts and desires, unlocks our dreams, and helps us simplify our lives just by figuring out what we really are, and what is it that we want from our Life.

The first step to reach our Inner Self is to observe our thoughts without judgment. Try to analyze why you really ‘thought’ in a particular way. Was it something you have been taught in the past, or was it triggered by a memory buried in your mind?

Did you act on the basis of illusionary reality, relative reality, or absolute reality? Illusionary reality is how you perceive and interpret a situation (perhaps on the basis of your past experiences). Relative reality is how you see a thing in relation to the other things around it. Absolute Reality is one that is eternal and does not change with time.

Now, think about the ‘intention’ behind your thought. What did you want to achieve by thinking in that particular way? This might be the hardest thing to do. We often ‘hide’ our real intentions from ourselves by using some logic or reasoning that seems more appropriate but it is the force of our ‘real’ intentions that makes all the difference to what we are.

Finding your truth, knowing the reality plane you are working with, and understanding your real intentions can set you on the path of self-discovery. To discuss more about these steps, you can write to us at