Spiritual Empowerment comes with Discover Your True Self

Knowing yourself, what you actually want in life, and your life’s purpose seems to be the three most complex questions we all struggle with. The truth is that these are also the most crucial questions that we need answers to.

Without knowing your true nature, you are never sure what ideals or morals or philosophy or ethics you stand for.

Without knowing your likes and dislikes, you are always in a state of confusion about what to do with the time, knowledge and money you already have. You remain conflicted about things like whether you should take a vacation, or buy that fancy branded handbag, or perhaps give it to a charity for cancer patients!

Spiritual empowerment comes when you know your life’s purpose and where you are heading to. Luckily, there is a book on spirituality called ‘Know Thyself’ which delves into this very subject with amazing alacrity and details. It addresses the core problems we face when we try to reach within us and provides solutions we need to meet our Inner Self.

It is actually the first spiritual book of a trilogy which is primarily concerned with the question on how to attain Self-Knowledge. The second book in the trilogy is called ‘Think from the Heart, and Love from the Mind’ — which talks about how we should not let criticisms and ego limit our ideas and creativity and similarly, not let feelings and emotions color our perception in the matters of love and kindness. Orchestrating harmony between our heart and our mind allows us to move beyond the limitations of both and attain Self-Awareness.

The third and final book in the series is called ‘The Ultimate Reality’. This book talks about popular meditation techniques and spiritual practices that can be used to peel off our layers of physical and psychological existence and be in touch with our Spirit which is divine and pure in nature. This experimental way of Self-Actualization sets our way to Enlightenment and Salvation.

These spiritual books are meant to cover three important steps of Spiritual Empowerment — Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness and Self-Actualization. Together, they present a science of wellness and healing for our inner self and can help us realize our true potential.

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Originally published at www.giankumar.com.