Contest Dream is born, to let you organize your promotions anywhere

We published Contest Dream, an online platform for creating and managing your promotions and contests.

Thanks of Contest Dream it is now possible organizing contests for any communication and budget need.

Promotion Visibility

Your promotion can be published anywhere through our RESTful API integration

Your promotion can work through our RESTful API integration, can be embedded as a widget or as a stand-alone micro site on your website, as well as live on your Facebook page, blog, Twitter, and link through a newsletter, email campaign — or all of them.

The way you publish your promotion does not have to be exclusive to one platform. This approach ensures you are reaching participants where they are most comfortable and most likely to engage.

It empowers marketers with the best tool to engage with their audience, generate leads, attracts an audience to a point of sale, gathers feedback and rewards customers for their loyalty.

Contest dream enables you to build and run promotions that you can implement into any website. With Contest Dream, you no longer have to pay for expensive custom solutions for your promotions.

In less than 10 minutes you can have a promotion up and running on your own website.

It’s that easy.

Powerful Platform

You can create a lot of different mechanisms and game rules

Contest Dream is a special and powerful platform born from many years of our experience in the field of prize promotions. We are experts at Digital Strategy development. Our engineers build comprehensive custom software with advanced security, scalability and complexity needs.

  • Multichannel — Competitions can be managed simultaneously on multiple channels: web, sms, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.
  • Security & Privacy — All participations are stored and complete of any information provided, complying with safety standards and related privacy policies.
  • Mechanism and Game Rules — You can create a lot of different mechanisms and game rules for your contest.

Legal Advice

  • With our qualified legal partners in international and local promotions, we can take on the management of competitions in many countries all over the world. For all companies interested in promoting services or products, we can provide full assistance.

Be careful! Even the easiest mechanic might be forbidden under each country’s laws.

With our qualified partners we can provide full legal assistance

Promoters, Law firms & Agencies

A turnkey solution

Agencies can benefit from special discounts for subscriptions.

If you have an idea feel free, contacting us (link to contact form) and we can help you with our technology and experience!

  • White label technology: every agency plan has the ability to add on true whitelabeling as an extra, allowing you to run promotions from your own domain
  • Case per case offer: agencies get very flexible pricing options that suits every need and budget
  • We develop our platform for you: we can adapt out platform so that it suits all your needs
  • Team management: manage which staff members can work on certain clients or give a client read only access to monitor campaign performance.
  • Range of support options: agencies are get the same great support as our customers, but we can provide extra additional consulting, because of ours great experience in the field

We don’t provide only the most evolved and global technology to realize prize promotions and contests, but we give you a turnkey solution that can be used by corporates, small and medium enterprises, law firms, promoters, communication and promotion agencies.


Contest Dream offers you also smart customized incentive and engagement solutions for consumer promotions, employee rewards and recognition. Our incentive platform fosters a culture where everybody is rewarded for their loyalty, efforts and achievements.

With our platform you inspire better engagement with industry-leading insights, technology and corporate incentive solutions designed to bring out the best in the people who matter most to your business.

  • Sales Incentives
  • B2B consumer Loyalty Programs
  • Channel Sales & Channel Distribution Incentives
  • Employee Engagement, Recognition & Retention Programs
  • VAR Incentives
  • Sales & channel management
  • Creative services

Start your first Promotion

Start your first promotion right away!

  1. First you have to Register to our Platform.
  2. Choose the Plan that fits you better.
  3. If you are not sure what plan to choose, try with the free one! You can upgrade it any time you want!

Now you can easily set up your first promotion or contest and start gaining Visibility.

Play and Win a Free Contest Dream

On this special occasion, we have decided to give you 3 extraordinary opportunities to win a free contest on Contest Dream platform. One of them is PLAY AND WIN A FREE CONTEST DREAM — you just have to register to Contest Dream, upload your company logo and fill your company data. That´s all!

The competition is live from 21.9.2016 until 11.11.2016. The prize winners shall be drawn on Tuesday 15th November at 12 a.m. The prize will give the possibility to the winner to create and publish a free contest on Contest Dream platform without any technical cost, within three months after its delivery.

If you don´t want to wait until the 15th November, you can also try your luck with CONTEST DREAM INSTANT WIN and immediately find out if you have won the prize!

So what are you waiting? Play the game now!

Gianluca Busato

CEO — Enkronos d.o.o.