You didn’t reverse engineer anything, let alone a 500m company.

As I wrote on hacker news, I perfectly know that the title is an exaggeration, but choosing an headline for medium is a tough job 🙂

The reason why I chose to call it like this, is not just to get a couple of clicks, but because while talking to companies that are not ML-aware I often get the question: «how the hell does company X do that?!?!?», and the answer 80% of the time could be 4 lines of sklearn. To them, the technology behind what company X does is black magic.

My goal is to spread awareness on the potential of ML among companies:

my intended audience was not ML engineers, to whom this article looks more like «I spent 6 days cleaning data, 20 minutes plotting different clusters representations, and the rest of the day writing an article», but the business person that is not fully aware of what it means to use ML today.

My target reader probably doesn’t get the technology and thinks is out of reach, but for sure understands that can be extremely valuable. With this article I’m trying to convince this persona that he’s right on the latter and wrong on the first.

I hoped that the introduction was clear on that. Does it make more sense now? 😀

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