This article first appeared on my personal blog.
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My Instagram and LinkedIn DMs are often filled up with people asking me a variation of the same question:

How do I become a Data Scientist?

I always take some time to try to understand the motivations of each person who turns to me for advice, but since I often notice the same patterns I decided to write this post as a general guidance for everybody.

I noticed that there are mostly three kinds of people asking me this question:

  1. Students of non-technical subjects like Marketing, Business, (sometimes even Art or Literature!) …

This article first appeared on the AI Academy blog.
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Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

The whole world has been taken by storm by “FaceApp”: a new app that allows you to edit a picture of yourself and see how you’d look like older, younger, with different hair style and so on. As soon as I saw the app, I recognized the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are behind it. Since I’ve been following these algorithms for a while, I wondered:

We have an incredibly powerful technology available and all we can do with it is internet memes? …

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Originally published on the AI Academy Blog on May 03, 2019.

Three years ago, two good friends and I decided to start a project called AI Academy. All of us were just back to Italy from Silicon Valley, where we witnessed the rise of AI companies first-hand. It was clear that AI was about to play a key role in the technological development of every organization, yet we found that many companies outside of the Bay Area were still sleeping on it.

We embraced the mission of speeding up the acquisition of Artificial Intelligence in non-tech organizations. At first, we decided to do that by bringing awareness and running educational workshops for professionals and businesses. This was our manifesto at the time. People that followed our workshops started getting excited and soon asked us to build products for them. We thought that there was a business there and AI Academy became a real company, adding technical consulting on top of educational workshops. …


Gianluca Mauro

On a mission to empower organizations and people to prosper in the AI era. Founder of AI Academy, Martial Arts black belt, musician, pasta-eater.

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