This ad, found in the February issue of People Magazine, shows some “Breaking Mews,” for cat owners everywhere. I came across it and it caught my attention, even though I’m definitely a dog person. Whether this was due to the fact that it’s main focus was a cat with dramatically edited eyes, or the soft blue background covered with an attention grabbing heading I stopped to read it. Fresh Step, a popular cat litter brand, has now combined with Febreeze to enhance its odor shield.

This enhanced odor shield is the ad’s unique selling proposition because really, how different is this cat litter from any other? Using Febreeze though, especially heightens the USP as Febreeze is a widely known air freshener. If Febreeze can do the wonderful things portrayed in it’s advertisements one can only imagine how it could “revolutionize” cat litter. But imagine no more, because this is now a reality for cat owners eveywhere.

This advertisement mainly plays on our need to nurture: it centers on a surprised, but pleased looking cat and concludes at the bottom of the page, “That’s something even cats find amazing.” This also draws in the reader because of the irony of being able to impress a cat, which has the reputation for not caring about anything other than itself. Humans have a biological predisposition to care for things such as animals, infants, and children. Using a cat as the center of the ad certainly acts upon this need and the concluding statement show that using this product will benefit you and your pet.

I personally found the ad pretty effective which is saying something considering I don’t and never have owned a cat. Portraying such a strong odor shield probably leaves cat owners wondering if they are immune to the smell of cat litter in their homes, and this particular litter would add a sense of safety for the owner. If I did own a cat I would feel pretty compelled to buy this litter.

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