The Journey of Mothering

This post is to the community of women I feel so fortunate to have with me on this journey of motherhood and discovery. In particular, I dedicate this to a woman who’s touched my life more than she may know. This one is for you, Misa Grannis.

Photos of special moments with the community of women who inspire me…
Love love love! :)

You joined my life and my family in a non-traditional way — as the partner of my former husband.

As we talked about and envisioned on our first dinner together in Redwood City, we’ve created a new norm for motherhood, one that involves actualizing “the village concept” and is defined by shared love for a little being, by partnership, and by viewing parenthood as a co-stewardship with family we choose.

While many people have scoffed and looked at me incredulously as I’ve mentioned you fondly in passing, I feel so thankful to have you as a co-mama, and perhaps even more as a dear friend. There aren’t many role models in our society that embody how blended families can parent together — let alone have deep friendships independent of everything else — but we’re writing our own story. And it’s incredible! Thank you for being you, for being your loving self, for genuinely co-mothering, and for being a dear friend. I’m grateful you’re part of my family.

To the other incredible women on this journey with me — Elba, Jostine, Teresa, Jean, Lola, Joanna, Jody, Annie, Gina, Melisa, Parneet, Sarah, and others — you nourish my soul, exemplify the power of sisterhood, and show me what it means to be strong, courageous women. Thank you for making life truly rich.

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