Big Things, Little Swings

Michael and I made our way through the backyard towards my swing set. It was warm that day, maybe even hot. It could have been spring. It could have been summer. It’s hard to tell in this town. However, the huge tree that grew in the corner casted shade over the entire set. I wore a little sundress that day; dark blue with white polka dots. We must have been about four or five.

The grass was a little moist from the morning sprinklers. I guess I should have put shoes on before coming outside, but I was too excited to get on the swing and start playing with Michael. Ignoring the mud squishing getting in-between my toes we reached the desired swing. This swing wasn’t your typical one-person park swing. It designed so two people could enjoy the ride. There were two seats that when sat on, both riders faced each other. A platform in the middle allowed for us to rest our feet on and a bar stood in front of each seat for us to hold on to as we swayed back and forth. We decided to rebel against the seats and we both pulled our bodies into the middle and stood on the platform. We could hear our mother’s now. “Sit your butt’s in a seat”, they would yell and we would just laugh.

Standing face to face, we both just stared at each other. Michael’s hazel eyes gleamed even under the shade. Then, it happened. We began to talk. But this wasn’t our typical four or five year old jabbering. This felt like so much more. It felt like we were having a truly grown up conversation. A deep and meaningful conversation and it felt like it lasted for hours. I remember this moment like it was yesterday. It was as though the entire world disappeared into a blur of greens, yellows and blues. My only focus was Michael and our “grown up” conversation. I remember thinking to myself, wow, so this is what it feels like to be an adult.

Were we becoming adults in that moment? It is hard to say, because even though I was captivated by the act of conversing, I could not tell you one thing we actually spoke of. I thought I might have been dreaming if I hadn’t discovered my father had video taped the entire moment through his bedroom window. I guess my dad was humored by how intense our conversation looked. It’s a shame there wasn’t any sound on the taping. I really could not tell you why this moment sticks out so distinctly in my memory. Nor could I tell you its true impact on my life. What I do know is something inside me changed. And to this day I still hold a huge place in my heart for swings. Big things happen on little swings.

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Sincerely, G.